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New website launch

I am excited to announce the multilingual launch of the redesigned ALTCHA website. In addition to translations, the site now features an updated design built with the Astro Starlight framework. This new design improves accessibility and usability for all users.

ALTCHA is a free, open-source captcha alternative that uses a proof-of-work mechanism to protect websites, APIs and online services from spam and unwanted content without compromising privacy. After receiving feedback that ALTCHA could benefit more people if presented in additional languages. To address this, the ALTCHA site is now translated into several languages and more are yet to come.

The redesigned website is easier to navigate and read, with an emphasis on inclusive design principles. The updated interface allows users to easily learn about ALTCHA’s features, try out demonstrations, and access documentation. All of this can now be done without barriers for speakers of various languages.

I hope this multilingual, redesigned site helps more developers and site owners around the world discover ALTCHA’s privacy-focused approach to captcha and spam protection. As always, ALTCHA remains fully open source and free to use.