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Introducing ALTCHA Forms

Introducing ALTCHA Forms

Announcing the launch of ALTCHA Forms, an innovative open-source project designed to help businesses seamlessly navigate regulatory landscapes. Whether dealing with GDPR in Europe, HIPAA in the healthcare sector, or any other data protection regulations, ALTCHA Forms ensures that data collection processes are secure and compliant.

Open-Source and SaaS Versions Available

ALTCHA Forms is available as an open-source project, allowing for tailored integration into existing systems with full flexibility. For those who prefer a more managed solution, a SaaS version of ALTCHA Forms is also launching. The SaaS offering comes with both free and paid plans, catering to businesses of all sizes and needs. The free plan provides essential features to get started, while the paid plans unlock advanced functionalities and premium support.

Spam Filter API Now Out of Beta

In addition to ALTCHA Forms, the Spam Filter API has successfully transitioned out of beta. This powerful tool is now fully integrated into the forms, offering robust protection against spam and ensuring the integrity of data collection processes. Paid plans for the Spam Filter API are also available.

Explore ALTCHA Forms today and find the perfect plan for any needs. Visit the Forms page to get started and experience the future of secure, compliant data collection.