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tailored to businesses
navigating regulatory landscapes.

Public Beta
ALTCHA Forms is a community-driven, open-source project.

ALTCHA Forms enables secure data collection through various forms, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA.

Security Beyond Compliance

ALTCHA Forms goes beyond mere regulatory compliance by safeguarding employee and customer data with end-to-end encryption and eIDAS-compliant signatures.

Encryption Shield

The Encryption Shield mitigates data breaches by encrypting data with asymmetric end-to-end encryption.

Altcha Forms Encryption Shield
Digital Signatures

eSignatures made easy with eIDAS-compliant simple and qualified signatures - qualified digital certificates and DigiDoc.

Altcha Forms e-Signatures
Activity Log

Detailed activity log of access and changes to user data makes ALTCHA Forms compliant with HIPPA and other strict data regulations.

Altcha Forms Audit Log
Contact Forms

Easily create simple contact forms for your website.

Registration Forms

Design forms for seamless customer or patient registration.

Feedback Forms

Effortlessly collect detailed customer feedback and suggestions.

HR Forms

Gather comprehensive employee information and handle requests.

GDPR Request Forms

Accept and manage GDPR-related data access and deletion requests.

Contract Signing

Facilitate contract signing with secure eSignatures.

Intuitive, User-Friendly Interface
A modern, responsive web application, accessible in multiple languages.
Form Inbox
Form Inbox
Encrypted Response
Encrypted Response
Visual Form Builder
Visual Form Builder
Send to webhooks or email
Send to webhooks or email
Form Templates
Form Templates
Field Types
Field Types
Simple Contact Form
Simple Contact Form
Compliance as Your Business Responsibility

Are you prioritizing employee and customer data protection?

As data controllers, businesses hold significant responsibility for safeguarding employee and customer data. This entails not only ensuring robust security measures but also complying with legal obligations. Failure to uphold these standards can result in significant liabilities, including fines and reputational damage.

ALTCHA offers comprehensive solutions to help businesses achieve GDPR compliance and enhance data protection. With advanced tools including Captcha Alternative and Spam Filter, ALTCHA assists in safeguarding sensitive information, reducing risks, and maintaining compliance.

Data Protection Regulations

ALTCHA Forms caters to businesses operating within stringent regulatory environments. It empowers compliance achievement and surpasses baseline standards through its suite of advanced security features.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
End-to-End Encryption
Privacy by Design
Data Breach Prevention
Role-based Access Control
No Data Transfers
No Tracking Cookies
Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
End-to-End Encryption
Role-based Access Control
Automatic Logoff After Inactivity
Strong Biometric Authentication
Detailed Audit Log of Access and Changes
Emergency Access

Mitigating Data Breaches

Anticipate, prevent, and protect - a proactive defense against data breaches.

Biometric Authentication

Weak or exposed passwords can lead to data breaches.


ALTCHA Forms employs a cutting-edge authentication system called Passkeys instead of traditional passwords. Passkeys are unique, breach-resistant, and phishing-resistant keys stored on the user’s device and secured with biometric sensors such as fingerprints or facial recognition.

Encryption Shield

Compromised databases or backups can lead to data breaches.


The ALTCHA’s Encryption Shield is an automatic, user-friendly encryption system built on the asymmetric RSA algorithm. It secures all employee and customer data, including file attachments, effectively rendering any potentially leaked data unreadable.

With this encryption in place, only authorized devices can decrypt and access protected data.

GDPR on Auto-Pilot

ALTCHA offers a comprehensive set of privacy-first solutions designed to simplify GDPR compliance, ensuring seamless and secure collection of employee and customer data.

Auto Expiration

Personal data should be retained only for the necessary duration as per its processing purposes.


Configure each form with a specific retention period in days. Once elapsed, the data is automatically erased from the database, ensuring compliance with GDPR’s data minimization principle.

Anonymized Identities

Compliance requires erasing all user-related personal data upon request.


Automatically link submissions to anonymized identities, typically via email address hashing or custom external IDs from your systems or APIs. This streamlines the process of locating and erasing all user-related data when necessary.

Data Collection From A to Z

ALTCHA Forms provides all the essential tools to efficiently gather submissions while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Spam Protection

Protect against spam and online abuse

Ensure your forms are spam-free and compliant with GDPR using ALTCHA's privacy-friendly spam protection measures, safeguarding your users' privacy and trust.

File Upload

Request and store attachments securely

Safely request and securely store file attachments with end-to-end encryption, ensuring the utmost protection for your data.

User Context

User's IP address and location

Automatically capture comprehensive user context, including IP address, geo-location, and browser information, enabling personalized interactions and insights.

Form Password

Restrict access with passwords

Secure forms and control access by restricting them with passwords, ensuring only authorized individuals can submit sensitive information.


Forward submissions to email or API

Configure forms to seamlessly send data to email, APIs, or webhooks using processors, facilitating efficient data handling and integration with your workflows.

Form Builder

Create forms with a visual form builder

Create custom forms effortlessly with the visual form builder, empowering users to design tailored solutions without any coding expertise.


Export data to PDF, CSV, or JSON

Effortlessly export form submissions to PDF, CSV, or JSON formats, enabling easy data analysis, sharing, and compliance reporting.

Multi-Step Forms

Complex forms in multiple steps

Simplify complex forms by breaking them into multiple user-friendly steps, enhancing user experience and completion rates.

Conditional Fields

Show fields with a logic expression

Control field visibility based on logical expressions to display fields conditionally, providing dynamic and tailored form experiences.

Developer Friendly

Custom HTML forms with the API

Collect data securely with the hosted forms or integrate custom HTML forms via the API, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with your development environment.

Feature-Rich with Unmatched Security

ALTCHA Forms stands as a contemporary alternative to Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, and similar platforms, offering a robust array of features and unparalleled security measures.

ALTCHA Microsoft Forms Google Forms

Compliant by design: No cookies, no tracking, fully aligns with GDPR requirements.


Out-of-the-box compliance with stringent HIPAA regulations.

No Data Sharing

Privacy-focused approach: No data sharing or reliance on external services.

Local Data Residency

Flexibility to choose data residency, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Encrypted Shield

User data protected with robust asymmetric encryption upon submission and validation.

End-to-end Attachment Encryption

Ensures full end-to-end encryption of file attachments for utmost security.

Digital eSignatures

Supports EU/eIDAS simple and qualified signatures, including qualified digital certificates and DigiDoc.

Friction-less Spam Protection

Incorporates built-in, privacy-friendly invisible Captcha and Spam Filter.

Open Source

Promotes transparency through open-source code licensed under a permissive AGPL license.

* While the software itself adheres to HIPAA compliance standards, our SaaS platform does not currently meet HIPAA compliance requirements due to limitations with our hosting provider. For customers requiring HIPAA compliance, we recommend utilizing private or self-hosted instances.


Ready to give it a try? Start with our Free plan and upgrade as your needs grow.


ALTCHA’s all-in-one SaaS offering ensures data security and GDPR compliance.

It includes access to the Forms API and AntiSpam API, allowing seamless integration with your systems and APIs.

300 EUR / month
360 EUR with monthly billing
Up to 20 users
Up to 200 forms
Unlimited submissions
40,000 API calls **
Attachments up to 100 MB
Spam protection
Send to email, webhooks
Submission notes
Audit log
60 EUR / month
72 EUR with monthly billing
Up to 5 users
Up to 50 forms
Unlimited submissions
20,000 API calls **
Attachments up to 20 MB
Spam protection
Send to email, webhooks
Submission notes
40 EUR / month
48 EUR with monthly billing
1 user
Up to 10 forms
Unlimited submissions
10,000 API calls **
Attachments up to 10 MB
Spam protection
Send to email, webhooks

For customers requiring HIPAA compliance, we recommend using private or self-hosted instances, as our SaaS platform does not meet HIPAA compliance requirements due to limitations with our hosting provider.

AntiSpam API only

Integrate ALTCHA’s widget and Spam Filter into your systems and APIs. These plans do not include access to Forms.

340 EUR / month
408 EUR with monthly billing
160,000 API calls **
Spam Filter API
ALTCHA Challenges API
180 EUR / month
216 EUR with monthly billing
80,000 API calls **
Spam Filter API
ALTCHA Challenges API
100 EUR / month
120 EUR with monthly billing
40,000 API calls **
Spam Filter API
ALTCHA Challenges API
60 EUR / month
72 EUR with monthly billing
20,000 API calls **
Spam Filter API
ALTCHA Challenges API

To get started with the AntiSpam API, create an account on ALTCHA Forms and select the “AntiSpam” plan in the billing section. Then, generate a new API key within the ALTCHA Forms application to access the API.


ALTCHA Forms is an open-source project licensed under the AGPL license. The open-source version includes all features*** and allows unlimited usage, enabling you to self-host ALTCHA Forms when enhanced security measures are required.

A commercial license is available for businesses requiring different licensing. This license allows software modification without public disclosure of your source code and removal of ALTCHA branding from public-facing forms and pages.

The self-hosted option is ideal for businesses with stringent security requirements, such as those needing HIPAA compliance.

For more information visit

Commercial License
3000 EUR / year
Full control over your data
Access to all features without limitations
Allows modification without disclosing your source-code
Option to remove ALTCHA branding
Unlimited instances for your use
Support plans available
Open Source License
Full control over your data
Access to all features without limitations
Must include ALTCHA branding
AGPL licensed

* Prices listed exclude VAT or Sales Tax, which will be added during checkout via our payment partner, A tax invoice will be provided. Billing is annual, with monthly billing options available.

** Total monthly API requests are calculated under your account. Fair-use metering applies. You may exceed the limit, but if higher consumption becomes regular, we’ll contact you to upgrade.

*** The open-source version of ALTCHA Forms includes all features without limits, except for the Spam Filter API, which is proprietary. You can purchase access to the AntiSpam API and configure your private instances to utilize the Spam Filter API.

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