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Get Started with API

The ALTCHA API offers a straightforward and secure solution for integrating advanced spam filtering capabilities into your applications, eliminating the need to develop and maintain your own infrastructure.

Key benefits include:

  • Ease of integration: Requires less coding compared to self-hosting verification. The API handles all complexities behind the scenes.

  • Robust security: Features like challenge expiration and reuse protection ensure that submissions cannot be maliciously replayed.

  • Spam filtering: The unique Spam Filter classifies data before it even reaches your servers, seamlessly filtering out spam from valid submissions.

  • Free to use: Access the API at no cost, with no registration or payment information required.

This documentation provides guidance on getting started, available methods, and examples to swiftly and securely integrate spam filtering into your applications via our always-free API.

Quick Start

  1. Create a free API Key.
  2. Configure the new challengeurl in the widget.
  3. Update your server, whether opting to use the Spam Filter: