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Announcing the ALTCHA API

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The ALTCHA API is now available (in public beta), making the free and open-source captcha alternative more accessible than ever.

ALTCHA uses a proof-of-work mechanism to protect websites, APIs, and online services from spam and unwanted content. Unlike other solutions, ALTCHA does not use cookies, fingerprinting, or track users. It is fully compliant with privacy regulations like GDPR.

With the ALTCHA API, developers can now integrate ALTCHA spam protection seamlessly into their applications without having to self-host. Some key benefits include:

  • Easier Integration

    Simply add a few lines of code to your project to start securing forms, logins, and other entry points. No need to manage servers or code complex challenge generation.

  • Additional Security

    Features like challenge expiration and reuse protection help block bots and spam attacks.

  • Spam Filter

    Classify data on the API side before it ever reaches your servers. This spam filter as a service uses natural language processing and machine learning to detect spam and unsolicited messages, adding an extra layer of protection. Learn more about Spam Filter.

  • Free API

    The API is free to use for any purpose, with no registratiod required. Simply create a Free API Key. The paid version with significantly higher limits and more features will be available soon.

Integrating the ALTCHA API is fast and simple. Check out the documentation to get started protecting your site or application from spam today.