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ALTCHA Forms eliminates the need for passwords by using passkeys, which provide secure, breach-resistant, and phishing-resistant authentication.

What Are Passkeys?

Passkeys offer a more secure and user-friendly alternative to traditional passwords. They use biometric sensors (like fingerprints or facial recognition), PINs, or patterns to sign into apps and websites. Passkeys are designed to:

  1. Simplify Authentication: Quickly sign in using biometrics or a PIN without typing usernames or passwords.
  2. Enhance Security: Store only public keys on servers, making them less valuable for hackers and protecting against phishing.
  3. Seamlessly Transition Across Devices: Use passkeys across multiple devices without needing to re-enroll.

How Passkeys Improve Security and Convenience

Passkeys streamline the login process and enhance security by:

  • Reducing the risk of password theft.
  • Eliminating the need to remember or manage complex passwords.

Passkeys ensure that biometric data remains secure and is never shared with the application. This data stays exclusively on the user’s personal device.

Create a New Account

  1. Enter your email address and click Authenticate.
  2. If your email address is not registered, you will see additional steps. Confirm the terms of service and privacy policy, then click Register.
  3. Follow the instructions to create a new passkey. The process may vary depending on your browser and operating system, but default options are usually sufficient.
Using Passkeys
  1. When asked to “verify your identity,” use your biometrics (or system password) to authenticate.

Log In

  1. Enter your email address or use the browser’s auto-suggestions for previously created accounts, and click Authenticate.
  2. Authenticate using your biometrics when prompted. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Manage Passkeys

If you delete your account, your passkey will remain on your device. To delete it, follow these instructions for your browser and operating system:

Alternative Methods

ALTCHA Forms also supports alternative authentication methods using OAuth. Users can log in with Google or GitHub. OAuth is a secure authorization framework that allows users to grant access to their information without sharing their passwords.