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Install Forms

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ALTCHA Forms is an open-source project available as a hosted SaaS or as self-hosted software. This guide will walk you through the installation of ALTCHA Forms.

Install Dependencies

You’ll need the following tools installed on your system:

  • Docker
  • Docker Compose


The application requires several components to function. Postgres and Redis are configured in the docker-compose file for easy startup. S3 storage and an SMTP server are optional but recommended for production environments.

  • Postgres 16+
  • Redis 7+
  • S3-compatible object store (recommended)
  • SMTP server for email

Clone Repository

Clone the Forms repository from GitHub:

Terminal window
git clone

Start Containers

Navigate to the cloned repository (forms folder) and start the containers:

Terminal window
docker-compose up

Database Migration

To apply migrations to the database schema, use the following command (requires Node.js):

Terminal window
export DATABASE_URL=postgres://...
npx drizzle-kit migrate

Alternatively, you can manually create the database tables using a Postgres client and the migration files located in the /drizzle folder.

Application Access

Navigate to http://localhost:3000/app and complete the registration to create your account.

Environment Variables

Application configuration is done via environment variables. See env.ts for all supported variables.