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Email Processor

The Email Processor allows you to send a notification or submitted data to an email address.

Use Cases

  • Send a notification to yourself when a new response is received.
  • Send a follow-up or a “thank you” message to end-users.
  • Send submitted data as a PDF.

Add Email Processor

  1. Navigate to the form’s Processors tab.
  2. Click Add Processor and select Send to Email.
  3. Configure the required fields and click Apply.


  • Description: Optional description of the processor to help you identify it in the list.
  • Recipient: The comma-separated email addresses of recipients.
  • Subject: The subject of the email.
  • Email Body: The text of the email.
  • Attach PDF: Whether to attach the submitted data as a PDF file.

Using Variables

It is possible to use variables in the configuration options. Refer to the Variables documentation for more details.